“Phil’s honest, raw and heart-felt poems are a guiding light of hope and inspiration. “The Poetry of Healing: Pain to Peace”, is a soul-full poetic story of how the inner journey can transform past hurt into love, connection and community. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and found Phil’s poems to be heart-opening, gentle, powerful with a sense of deep humility that many people will be able to relate to”
— Kelli Travers, Psychologist.
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More than just a poetry book, this collection is a restorative journey that transcends the pain of separation, loneliness and attachment, traversing to a place of self-love, presence and peace.

There is purpose in this waking dream, and moving on from the past is possible. Phil Barlow found a way to transcend his darkness in order to feel bliss, moment to moment, and so can you. 

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the author

A prolific poet and songwriter, Phil Barlow has spend the past 7 years writing poetry as an outlet for personal expression and with it, a deep healing process unfolded. In early 2018 Phil felt guided by his intuition to go into the forest for 21 days of solitude. He listened, and on the first night the idea of a book came to him in his dream. Over the next 3 weeks, he woke each morning with new insights as to what step to take next. On the 21st day, he completed his manuscript and sent it to a friend. 5 minutes later, he received an unexpected call from a publisher who opens with "I understand you have written a book that you would like to have published?". Three months later, he is now humbled to be sharing with you "The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace. 



Singer/Songwriter and Author Phil Barlow is opening a new chapter in his creativity with the release of Neo Folk / Soul track "In My Heart”. 

Revealing his most true and authentic self, "In My Heart" is a song that captures a deep and profound shift in Phil's inner reality. A change that led him to let go of the over-active mind, to trust in life and to give from an open heart. The result is a transcendent and powerful song that leads listeners to a place of peace.

He is currently celebrating this single via several launch shows in his home region. In October he starts a series of intimate bus concerts that include both poetry reading and song to create a deep healing experience for listeners.

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The Poetry Of Healing: From Pain to Peace

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Eckharte Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay, "The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace" is as much a journey of spiritual awakening as it is about overcoming the sadness and anxiety of separation. Although people easily understand the pain that comes with physical illness and injury, pain caused by injury to one's psyche is often not as easily understood or accepted. 

Following a difficult divorce in 2011, Phil Barlow began a powerful healing process through poetry and song that led him to discover the pathway to a simple and peaceful life:

It's a journey for the brave
We must allow ourselves to feel 
To discover the ultimate truth
It's deeper than me or you
Finding strength in surrender
Where the mind has lost its reign
On a path to the blissful unknown
In a moment, your life can change...


Phil Barlow is already a poet; his music and lyrics have long resonated with people from all walks of life. We expect his book to do the same.
— Natalie O'Driscoll, Cultural Editor, Blank GC
This collection of poetry has the potential to offer hope and inspiration to anyone experiencing the pain of separation, and paves a pathway to to acceptance, healing and growth. An uplifting read!
— Emma Cooper, Clinical Psychologist

Words are powerful.

They can release us.

When the challenges of life and our nature as humans create unresolved emotions, words can set us free

It is my hope that the peace this poetry provides me in its writing, can translate into healing for you as a reader.

Whatever your pain, whatever your life situation, healing is inevitable once you open the door and believe.

You deserve a vibrant and fulfilling life, with seemingly endless energy and passion to share your unique gifts.  

May these words transform your pain to peace.

May your higher purpose become clear.

And may your heart become open and warm and true, as you surrender to the blissful unknown...


Phil Barlow



from The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace